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First off, it is Swartz, not Schwartz (or schwartz).

SSA, I do not know where you ever get the idea the Swartz Safety was never adopted by Colt. The Swartz safety was adopted by Colt just prior to World War II, and was used on Government Model, National Match, Super and Super Match pistols made in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

The grip-safety-activated firing pin safety was designed and patented in 1937 by a person named William L. Swartz, but Colt called it a "New Saftey Device" or NSD for short. I have a Pre-War National Match with the Swartz Safety that letters with the NSD.

The Swartz Safety was never found on the Model 1911A1 military pistols, although some early commercial slides that were converted to military use at the beginning of WWII may have been machined for the NSD, with no parts installed. Since the M1911A1 pistols did not use the NSD, it naturally is not in the field manuals for the M1911A1.
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