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Searching for 32WCF ammunition

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Hi all, I've got my Grandfather's Colt Bisley he bought in 1913 at Tufts-Lyon Arms Company in Los Angeles, according to my Colt letter. The problem is I can't find any 32-20 to shoot. I've looked everywhere.
Does anybody have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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I have 5 guns chambered in 32WCF 2 Colts, a Winchester 73, a Marlin and a S&W Hand ejector.
Two of the 5 were made prior to the smokeless era, the 73 and a Colt...
These required me to reload in BP.
Added to the fact 32 WCF is seldom seen, even among the CAS shooters. reloading is my only real option.
I bought Starline brass, I don't recall the price, I think it was $32 a hundred count.
but Bullet Barn has it in stock The Bullet Barn - Unprimed Brass
as does Reloading Brass Shop
Starline Brass 32-20 WCF For Sale | Reloading Brass Store (

I have not purchased lately but it looks like $42 a hundred is ballpark.
Those companies are scam sites. Requiring payment by Zelle or Crypto is a big red flag.
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I was not aware, thanks for the heads up.... I believe I ordered direct from Starline
Starline lists no stock for 32 WCF and they have accepted no back orders for many years. Last time they made any 32 WCF was maybe 4 years ago. None available anywhere except at crazy prices.
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Who'd a thought. Make 32WCF from 32 Nagant.
Great video thank you!
The high pressure rifle loads were all loaded with 80-grain "mushroom" JHP bullets and haven' t been factory loaded since the 1970s. The box will have a printed warning:

Not for Use In Revolvers.

Post-1970 standard pressure R-P and W-W 100-grain soft point or lead bullet loads are safe in either Winchester 1873 rifles or older pre-1920 revolvers.

Factory loads are closely approximated by loading 100-115 grain cast lead FN bullets such as Lyman #311008, RCBS 32-098SWC or the Hornady .312" diameter 100-grain XTP jacketed bullets with either 3.5 grains of Bullseye, 4 grains of W231, WST or HP38, 4.5 grains of Unique, 7.5 grains of #2400 or 9.5 grains of 4227.
I just loaded some 32 WCF with 110 Grain LSW over 9.0 grains of Dupont 4227. I used a bit more W231 and it was pretty good.
The max booked load for a 32-20 using WW 231 and a 115 lead is 4.5gr.
Much more than 4.5 and a SAA will lock up on high primers.
Yes my 32 WCF load for 231 was 4.2 grains. It was really accurate in my three revolvers chambered for that round. The 4.0 grain load left some unburned powder which made me step it up a hair to get complete burning. I am hoping the IMR 4227 will be better.
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