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Searching for 32WCF ammunition

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Hi all, I've got my Grandfather's Colt Bisley he bought in 1913 at Tufts-Lyon Arms Company in Los Angeles, according to my Colt letter. The problem is I can't find any 32-20 to shoot. I've looked everywhere.
Does anybody have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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I've been reloading 32WCF for decades. Seems like they accumulate around here. Got several Marlin 94s, Winchester 92, couple of Uberti Lightning 32 and 32WCF combos, and a Colt first generation.

Most all are old. Shoot black powder anyway.
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Who'd a thought. Make 32WCF from 32 Nagant.

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Apparently people are desperate enough to do it. If you're settling on Nagant brass and want 32WCF bad enough.

Grafs has 32 Nagant brass in stock.

The only problem here is that the source caliber is even more obscure than the target! :D
Grafs has it in-stock.

It looks like I'll need to start reloading. Do you mind if I pick your brain about getting started? I'm a total newb at reloading. LOL It'll also be useful in the other calibers I shoot that have gone up in price recently.
Most if not all the reloading brands offer a kit of all the basic tools you'll need. I'm going to be the odd one and suggest a simple single station C press. Not one of the big automated machines. Lee makes the most affordable products.
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