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I first read about the Seecamp in a sci-fi short story and I thought it was just that, a bit of fiction. Years later I found one, a blued Commander at a gun show and while I couldn't afford the asking price, the oddball pistol stuck in my head as something I wanted. A year or two later I found the ODI/Viking kits on sale in the back of the Shotgun News (I THINK it might have been from Numrich). The 'kit' was minimal, manily lower frame and a few parts like the trigger and sideplate. I got a complete 1991 upper for the steal of $199 from Hoplite, and sent off the box of parts to Qualitie Pistol and Revolver with a dodgy mimeographed 'instruction' sheet. Milt Morrison and Jack Grady assembled and tuned it into a working handgun--and I even used it in IDPA for a spell. We had to discuss which division it belonged in. ;)

Fact is, it's just too much of a Rube Goldberg design to be really reliable. That 16 pound DA trigger pull is no joke either. But still, it's a fun pistol and a conversation starter for sure. It's now mostly a safe queen, and it needs a trip to the 'smith. This was my first true 'custom' built pistol and I think I've got $800 or so in it.


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