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Stopped in a gun shop in Story City IA today and saw what appeared to be a really nice Diamondback 22 4". I was going to tell you guys about it, but then I remembered later that this owner also sells on GB. Many of you have probably already seen this. For what its worth, I have no affiliation with owner, no interest in gun. Just passing it along. His "in-store" price was $1799. Heres the link:

click here to see

I didnt ask to inspect it because I knew I wasnt going to buy it. So I didnt get a close inspection. I was a little dismayed at his ammo prices (still charging $20 a box for PMC 5.56), but I do give him credit for always having a few nice Colts on hand, which is rare in these parts. A nice gentlemen who is courteous to talk to.
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