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Sent SAA Off To Have Custom Grips, Need Some Advice.....

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I wanted to get some advice from you all on what you would do or how you would handle my situation. This could get long so bear with me...
After doing some research I chose Joe Perkins to do the work, so I emailed him on 10/15/14 about what I wanted. He sent me an invoice and how much it would cost. On his website he states it is an 8-9 week turn around and add a couple more for some special work so lets say 10-12 weeks, that's 3 months give or take a couple days so I am good with that. I guess....So,
10/16/14 I sent my gun to him and it was signed for by him on Saturday 10/18/14, so his website states that as soon as he has the gun it goes in the rotation, so I figured he put it in the rotation.
10/21/14 I sent him an email wanted to make sure he had it, mainly for email documentation.
10/26/14 He sends email and says, have the gun and the check. So now I let him alone to do his mastery.
12/15/14 I sent him an email at 7 weeks from 10/26/14, and asked how it was going and to let me know when he was ready to ship it back to me so I will know to be here when it arrives.
12/18/14 He emails back and says he always calls before shipping back, and it will be after Jan 1st. I was bummed but no big deal. yet.
1/18/15 I email and asked how it was going and was everything ok?
1/19/15 He sends email back and says all is good, you are paid in full. Well I knew that, I was basically asking him nicely how much longer, so I emailed him back same day and asked for a timeframe of completion. At this point it has been almost 12 weeks.
1/21/15 He sends email back and says should be finishing next week, I will call before shipping. So ok, I figure we got something definite here.
2/1/15 I emailed him back and asked if he tried to call, that I had a few out of state calls but no messages, I was really trying to be nice about the whole thing, I did have out of state calls, but I really wanted to know, Hey are you done with my gun yet? Lol,
2/2/15 He emails me back and says he always leaves a message and mine should be done this week.
So the week of 2/2/15 has come and gone. No phone call no email. It is now going on 17 weeks since he has had it and 16 weeks since he acknowledged having it. I know that he does great work, I have seen the photos, the testimonial, and read great reviews on other sites, so I know he does great work.
My question is to you good people is, am I being too impatient here? Should I just suck it up and wait for his reply and let the man finish? What really bothered me was that on another forum during the time he has had my gun, a guy said he sent his gun to Joe Perkins and got his back in 3 weeks sweet! I thought I was in the line up? Plus the fact that 2 weeks in a row he said mine should be done. So............
What would you do?
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I wanted to give a quick update:

Joe Perkins called me yesterday and is sending my gun back Fed Ex, I should receive it by tomorrow. He seemed nice on the phone and said that he had a few calls to make to those people he was shipping guns back to.

I appreciate all the advice and feedback, I do think it was a few weeks overdue, but since it was a custom grip job, this length of time is fair, I just didn't know until yesterday if it was going to take another 3 months..Lol....I guess the only real complaint that I have at this point was the lack of communication. All that I wanted was perhaps an 8 week email, then maybe a 12 week email stating it would be at least a couple more weeks and then maybe a reason why would have been good, even though I did not necessarily need that, just wanted to be in the loop. This would not in my opinion have been too much to ask of someone, and I certainly didn't email everyday or every week for that matter. There was only 1 time that I emailed the same day and that was to ask for a timeline. I would not want to be a pest and email or call everyday. As a consumer, communication is what I will always look for when doing business with anyone in any field of work.
Basically if I had it to do all over again, I would have handled it the same way that I handled it.

I want to post 1 last time with pictures, just as soon as I get my gun back, that way I can give a review of sorts of the job that was done. I am the type of person that not only complains if a complaint is warranted, but I will talk about the good as well if that is warranted. I do anticipate that it will be a great job and will look awesome.
Give me a couple days for the review.


Do we still get a review/pics? Or is the gun not back yet???
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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