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Had a similar experience with Perkins. When they were a few weeks late from the promised date I called and asked for an "actual" delivery date on the phone, I got a lecture. Mind you I am use to stuff being late so not a big deal. But IMO paying in full up front and being late is annoying. My gun and a Perkins check came back the next week with no notice. And that was prior to Perkins becoming a full blown "pistolsmith". Surprised but not at all unhappy at that result. Had those those particular grips done else where. They delivered weeks before promised. Any number of reputable grip makes out there that do fine work.
That's just ridiculous. It irritates me when a vendor treats the customer as a "bother". Some people have very little concept of what customer service is, and they forget who pays their bills.

am I being too impatient here?
I don't think so. Part of running a good business is being able to reasonably predict lead times.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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