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Serial number search

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I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I still have the saw so.... About thirty some years back I bought a nice old 1911 from a deputy or policeman in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This individual claimed to be relative to the folks who operated the "Red Crown Inn" just south of Platte City, Missouri. This location was the scene of a "Lead Melee" between local law enforcement and the "Clyde Barrow group". This particular automatic was part of a small arsenal left behind after the altercation. At the time I made the deal "Tounge-in-cheek". Over the years I have resesarched this weapon on and off and have narrowed it down to one of the 32-34 1911's that were stolen from the Enid, Oklahoma armory, in July of 1933. I am at this time 97% sure that this is one of those 1911 pistols taken in that burglary. Research of a serial number list of guns stolen, from either the Oklahoma National Guard system or the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation(The investigators in this case)has produced negative results (we don"t keep records that far back). Does anyone out there have another method or avenue that I might try??? Thanks Henri
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Obviously, the first thing would to be to check with Springfield Research services (Frank Mallory checked out on 6/2/4 and I'll miss him).

I'd follow up with local LE and see if they ahve any records left from back then.

Might also check local newspaper accounts and see if the have any data.

Many thanks RMV for your reply. I have covered most of the recommended spots to no avail. Local news sources reported that "All" were recovered by authorities and returned. National Guard sources say "Not All" were recovered or returned. Again thanks for your tips.......Henri
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