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What are the differences between the series 70 and series 80 1911 45 ACP? I couple of years ago I sold a 1911 that I had bought new in around 1983. I believe that it was a series 70, but am not sure. I believe that I read something about the arrangement of the firing pin being different in the 70 and 80, something about a two-piece firing pin, but I don't remember what the advantage or disadvantage of this was. I am now going to rectify this serious and foolish error on my part of selling my 45, and looking for a replacement. I guess I finally learned my lesson which is, "You may buy and sell many guns in you lifetime, but you never, never, never sell your Colts". Thanks for the help in advance. DGR

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The Series 80 has a firing pin lock system.

There are two small levers in the frame, and a spring-loaded plunger in the slide that locks the firing pin.

When the trigger is pulled, a lever pushes the firing pin lock upward, and unlocks the firing pin.

This adds an extra level of safety to the 1911.
Some people believe the mechanism makes it harder to get a match-quality target trigger, but the average shooter usually can't detect much, if any difference.
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