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Series 70 Questions

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I posed these questions at the end of another thread, but no responses - so new thread:

I recently purchased a like new Colt Series 70 45 ACP, S/N 70B07XXX, brought it home and field stripped it, and found it clean and proper inside. Haven't shot it yet. I did a Series 70 search on this forum and found this submission by chevis.

I'd stay away from them both,series 70 don't mean nothing but trouble in the late rule of thumb I go by is the serial number.If it has a G in it it's GOOD.If it has a B in it it is BAD.The early models were good guns though,when quailty control was a whole better. Unquote

If chevis is reading this, it would be helpful if he would substantiate his comment, or if anyone else can comment pro or con I'd appreciate it. Can someone determine if my piece is "early" or "late" production. Should I be worried about the performance and reliability of my new purchase?

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That's straight BS.

Like I've said many times, guns are not bottles of wine.
There ARE no "vintages" where you have "good" years or "bad" years.

Great guns get made in "bad" years, and junk gets made in "good" years.

You CANNOT judge a gun based on the year made or the serial number range.
You can make the general statement that guns made years ago had "generally" better quality fit and finish, than guns made more recently.
In guns, you MUST judge each gun on IT'S own merits.

The Government Model with the 70B0 prefix was made in 1981.
The series started at 70B000001, and ended at 70B11246 by the end of the year.

The statement that ALL Colt Government Models made in 1981 are junk is foolish, probably an over the top statement from someone who did get a gun with quality problems.

LOOK at your gun. If it looks OK and shoots OK ......It IS.

The fact that someone else possibly got a gun with problems is mildly interesting, but of absolutely no import to your gun.
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