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Howdy all, first time here.

Have a question concerning colt prices on the above model.

a little history first.

In 1989, my dad bought me a sts series 80 Colt Officers Model when I got hired on as LEO. IIRC it was in the 500 $$ range.

through the years, I honed on it and had the ride tuned by Kings Gun Works in Cali
tighten slide fit to frame
action job
kings bushing and recoil rod
recrown muzzle

work I did myself
dehorn (not a single sharp edge)
brown beavertail
SA mag guide
polished flats
IIRC, brown either ambi or single side thumb safety
high cut the front strap

the gun was a fine shooter for a small barrel and the action job was sweet. it felt good in the hand and was reliable.

In 98, I got turned onto SW PC rides (reason for my user name) and I needed some cash to buy two of them. my dad made the suggestion to sell the officers model to get what I wanted.

well dumb A?? me, I did. the money was used to buy a nice ride which I still have.

The gun sold for 630 through consignment at a local dealer. I recall the dealer telling me, its a nice ride, but since the Colt was "hacked on", its not a desired piece and wont bring higher $$ than a unmodified colt.

That made sense and it did not bother me.

My dad died in 2005, and my old officers model just kept popping back into my thoughts. I wanted my ride back but that would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

I got with the dealer who sold it and he said if I could give him a small window of when the gun was sold or find the original sold receipt, he probably could not help me out on who he sold it to as he would need to review a mountain of paperwork.

I could not find the paperwork and could not remember the date and was guessing on the year sold. I was recently told that my gun was seen in a collection. The person who owned the collection died and the above dealer was called to inspect and document the collection for the widow. He told me that he remembered my "Officers Model" and keep and "eye" out for it.

well, my ride was not in the collection /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

two weeks ago, I was printing out some stuff at work and it was taking forever to print. I was standing by my file cabinet which had some old files that I needed to review and shred and I came across a folder that said "Old gun receipts". Found my needle in the haystack. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

The dealer found the original sale through the receipt and called that person who still owned the ride. He was told the above information and agreed that he would sell it to me for that reason.

Here is the kicker

His price is $900 /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

I did some checking on the classified gun internet sites and NIB on officers sell well over 1g, and I did see one for 9something. used officers (and the pics showed they were used) sell from the 500 to 600 range.

the dealer saw the gun and said the current owner took very good care of it and agreed it holds a 9 price tag.

My Questions?

I am going to get this ride back for sentimentel reasons, but is the pricing way off?

1989 new $500 something + tax
1999 sold $630 with custom additions listed above
2005 same condition in 6 yrs, price $900

this is a classic example of why a good gun should not be sold and thats a mistake I cant change and gonna have to pay for that mistake,......

but a $270 price increase in 6 yrs, or since these rides are no longer manufactured and this one is slightly peppered with mods that are very popular now, is this is the going rate?

thanks in advance

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It seems reasonalble to me. If the seller wants to replace it, the cost to him will be at least that much. Buying one somewhere else and modifying it would cost more. From a collecting point of view, it is not original and your reasoning would apply. You are buying for a special purpose though. It is fortunate that it could be located. The Officer Models are popular with some and can be sold without much trouble. I would value what you describe at 750 if I were to buy but perhaps the seller values it more or knows that you want it back. I have a stock Compact that I bought in 1995 for 454, they sell for that and more on the current market if above 90%. IOM (it's only money)

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OK, thanks gunfish.

yeah, I also thought about its only money. I will buy it back, now I have to sell something to get the money.

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