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I'm a newby here. This looks to be quite an interesting and knowledgeable group.

The only Colt semi-auto I have (so far) is a series 80 national match I got from a friend years ago. Can anyone help me with it's DOB? Serial number is FN197XX. It is nicely blued with wood grips. It looks more like series 70 that I've seen than most series 80. BTW, what are the series differences?


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The available Colt serial numbers stop in 1985.

The last National Match number listed is FN11680.

To get a date, you can call the Colt plant during business hours, and they'll give you a date over the phone, but NO other info.

The big differences between the 70 and the 80 are the firing pin lock system and the slide markings.

Some guns had the collet-type barrel bushing.
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