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Series C 2nd Gen 1851 Navy Series F 2nd Gen 1st model Dragoon..which to buy?

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I have recently been offered a Series C 2nd
gen 1851 Navy "shooter" model (i.e. with brass square back
trigger guard and backstrap) for $595. There is no colt box or papers.There is a
faint turn line on the cylinder and the wedge is kind of beat up snd scratched.
The walnut grips have few small dings. The seller also has a Series F 2nd gen 1st model Dragoon with the Colt
black box with all the paperwork in near new condition for $695. I'm thinking about making an offer for both as a "bundle". The seller has had these for sale for several months with no takers.

What do you folks think would be a fair offer for both?
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There probably hasn't been any takers because the condition of the 'Shooter' and lack of paper products doesn't make it a collectible. And the 1st Dragoon with 3778 produced is fairly common and most collectors probably already have one.

In Russell's guide, the prices are:

1851 Navy 'Shooter' is $525 to $800. No box and documents, subtract $100.
1st Dragoon is $450 to $700

Prices are subjective (and everybody has their own calculation methods), but in MHO, the asking prices are about right. My offer would probably be $500 for the 1851 Navy 'Shooter' (but as a collector I really wouldn't be interested) and $650-$700 for the 1st Dragoon. Fair offer for both: $1100.
I would price the turned boxless 1851 at 400-450 and the dragoon around 550 and up. There is a reason they are not selling and it is his price about 100 to 150 too high on both. Actually, if and only if you are interested in both, I would offer a grand for them with the money out in front of him when you make the offer (Ten 100 dollar bills right now does a lot of talking).
I would bargain down the price of the Dragoon and try to buy it. The description of the '51 sounds as if it has been fired -which, for all intents and purposes, makes it worthless as a collectors item. If you want a shooter, you would do better to buy an Italian replica and avoid the '51. At the price you quoted, the owner of the '51 either has delusions of grandeur or has too much money in the gun. If you can get the owner to come down a hundred dollars or so buy it.
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