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Hello, new here to the forum and thought I would ask this question. I've had Colt's in the past, revolvers and semi-autos, but along the way have sold/traded for Smiths, Glocks, etc. Now I'm thinking I really made some mistakes parting with them and have been looking for LNIB King Cobra and Detective Special. I recently found a stainless 3" DSII and am wondering how rare these are and what the difference between the DSII and the SFVI is? I also know where a Magnum Carry is and am going to drive out of my way tomorrow to see if it is still there. I've been bitten by the Colt bug(again). I did have the good sense to hang onto the AR all along though.

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The 3" DS-II is RARE.
Most people have never heard of it, much less seen one.

The DS-II gun was a fairly low production gun, and although there were 3" and 4" models produced, these are exceedingly rare.

I only saw a single batch of 3" DS-II guns for sale, and my personal belief is, Colt only made the one VERY short run of 3" guns.
I don't know how many Colt actually produced, but I'd bet on it being VERY low.

Collectors are actively hunting SF frame Colt's, and the rare barrel length versions are prime prey for collectors.

There is no real difference between the SF-VI and the DS-II.

When Colt introduced the SF-VI people wondered why Colt would give a new gun such a "catchy" name.

Since there were still old model Detective Specials in the wholesaler pipeline, Colt gave the new gun that name to prevent confusion between the two guns.

As soon as the last of the Detective Specials were out of the pipeline, Colt just renamed the SF-VI as the DS-II.
Basically, the only difference is the roll marks on the barrel.

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