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Sheriff's Model Colts

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I have seen recent versions of the Colt Sheriff's Model (with three and four inch barrels).
I would like to see photos of an original Sheriff's Model with "hump" (without frame modification).
Keith Cochran, Colt Peacemaker Ready Reference Handbook, lists Bull-barrel (nontapered), Long Barrel (7 1/2 inches), and Sharp Frame (1884) Sheriff's Models; I would like to see photos of any of these models.
Many Thanks
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The Sheriff's Models had shorter barrels and were made without ejectors, and NO hump on the frame. If the frame has the hump with the hole through it, it's not an original Sheriff's Model. Or, am I misunderstanding your question? I'm not familiar with a bull barrel or sharp frame. There were photos and discussion in a recent thread of a 7 1/2" bbl. SAA without ejector, or provision for one. There were some doubts as to it's originality. But, even if correct, I don't think it would be termed a "Sheriff's Model".
Thanks for your help.
Outstanding, but is there a bull barrel or sharp frame model among them? I could not detect one; I am a novice. Isn't Cochran considered a highly respected authority on Colt Single Actions? I apparently was misinformed about the existence of an early hump frame model - a
Sheriff's Model with unmodified frame (no ejector rod hole drilled in frame) and sans ejector and assembly.
Here ya go (standard Storekeeper); I never heard or seen of a Sheriff or Storekeeper with a "hump":
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Grayman, I thought Cochran was very knowledgeable on Colts, but I don't have one of his books. I never heard the term "sharp frame" and can only assume a "bull barrel" is some form of heavier barrel. Maybe he has seen such a thing. And, I guess it's possible Colt shipped an ejectorless Sheriff's Model with standard frame and the hole not drilled out for ejector rod. But, I've never heard of, or seen one.
Sharp frame, known as a "fluted" frame, is hard to explain but easy to see if you're looking " down the barrel." They were the early models starting in the 77xxx range.
Bull barrel does refer to a thicker or heavier barrel. Just saw one on a website but can't remember where.(?)
Cochran is a good reference guide but not without some errors.
If you're getting into SAAs you NEED Kopec's book first of all.
I have A Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver by Graham, Kopec, and Moore; it is leather bound and has letter from Kopec to original owner inside. When I saw it, I bought it!
People on the Forum are outstanding! Always learning something new!
Outstanding! Thanks for photos!
Some nice ejectorless Colts there fella's, thanks for sharing.
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