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I believe it can"t be stated enough to use the eq. charge in VOLUME so I will say it again. I believe I loosened up a signature series Colt 51 navy by compressing pyrodex. The gun really made a big boom on the full cylinder load. The part that held the loading lever fell off and I returned the gun and told them that if they replaced the gun I would rather have a 60 Army, so that is what they sent me. I am using pyrodex in a 3rd 44 dragoon and as long as I don't compress the charge, the loading lever does not fall down.

It appears that I am cleaning my revolvers fine with hot water and black powder solvent when using pyrodex. But, the first time I cleaned my Colt repro 1861 rifle, I did not do it well enough and had some rust in the bore and nipple. Now when I shoot my rifle, I double clean it to be sure. I would concur that pyrodex can be harder to clean than good old black. I still have cans of pyrodex that I paid as little as $5 and the nearest black powder cost is about $25 per pound.
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