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Shooting master 45 auto

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Hey guys
Picked up a shooting

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Apparently you didn't Tapa enough.

Bob Wright
The 'custom' Barrel Rib and front Sight on this one, being modificaitons done probably fifty or sixty years ago, are none the less modifications, and, would ( to some degree ) put the Revolver at a lower value, than an example which is still in it's original configuration.

Can you post some more images? And some which show the details of the Front Sight and Rib?

Correct Stocks for this will tend to be hard to find, and, will be expensive if in good or fine condition, and they are a matter of luck and perseverance, to find.

ebay, Gunbroker, local Gun Shows, is where one would tend to find a pair. And the seller may or may not know what they fit, may or may not or describe them properly in the subject line of the auction. So, lots of looking is usually what it takes.
hopefully these will help im a bad photographer ill try to get some better lighting
Nice custom Shooting Master! Would be nice to find out who did the modifications. Looks like hammer and possibly trigger was also done. Since the Shooting Master has been modified for target shooting, why not consider after some market target shooting grip options, such as Herrett's, or Roper-like or similar. Hmmm, round butt or square but under those Goodyears? No need to try for original grips - target stocks make more sense in this case, IMO. Jackson
From the pictures I believe the rib is soldered on. If it were mine, I would take it to a good gunsmith and see if it could be reconverted to original.
I dunno...

I think it is really quite beautiful the way it is.

Of course, with this set up, the Ammunition should be Lead Semi-Wadcutters ( rather than 'Hardball).

The Rib and Sight are very nicely done, and overall, I think the Revolver presents itself very nicely.

How about some close ups of the Hammer, and, Trigger?

As saintclair relays above, I also feel that finding some 'period' Target Stocks would be ideal.
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What would be a fair price I considered selling it
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