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Since most of us seem to check in here on the revolver forum most often. I thought I'd put the skids to a hot Colt rumor.

New member Parker Dean posted this in The Lounge so I thought you all might like to have a look at the discussion:

Parker Dean:
"Ran across some scuttlebutt on another forum that indicates that the commercial division of Colt is up for sale.
No specifics or attributable quotes were given so I was wondering if anyone here heard anything either way."

"This is another case of the internet "grape vine" working over time.
I've checked, and there is 0,(zero) truth to this.
Colt has NOT been sold, is NOT going out of business, is NOT going to discontinue most guns, is NOT going to get a huge influx of money allowing them to start making all kinds of discontinued guns, is NOT going to start having all guns made in Japan, is NOT going to make a plastic 1911, and is NOT going to resurrect Samuel Colt and have him beat the dog &#@^$ out of Sara Brady on national television during the Super Bowl.

(Well we could hope for that last)."
Thanks to Mr. Dean
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