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Any information or comments on this gun are welcome. It's a pearl grip, nickel finish, .45 automatic, with a .22 slide. This was purchased recently in an auction along with a Berretta 9MM 92FS DA, and springfield-stevens .22 rifle, and a browning 12 gauge that were all owned by Sid Caesar (deceased actor-comedian for any youngsters reading this:). The serial number is C237872 and believe that makes it about 1948. I am sending in the archive request form Colt to verify the grips, extra slide, and nickel are factory finish. Here is the auction description:

A Colt Government Model semi-auto pistol, .45 caliber, 5-inch barrel, nickel finish, pearl grips with .22LR caliber slide, barrel frame mounted slide stop and detent rod (.45 caliber magazine, no .22LR magazine); all contained in a custom-made wood carry case. The gun is in overall very good condition with the majority of its nickel finish remaining. The action and markings are very good. The .45 bore is uncleaned and dark; the .22LR bore is the same (both may clean to good overall). The casing is overall good; however, the interior lining is deteriorated from age.

What I would like to know:

1) I have ordered the Colt Archive report to find out if it is factory finish with the nickel and pearl, which I assume it is. How common or rare is this gun?
2) Do you think I can find out if Sid Caesar bought it new, and how?
3) Paid $1,750 plus auctioneer's fee for this which I think is full price and doubt that there is little extra value because the previous owner was famous. It was a good purchase for me, as I wanted something like this, but if anyone has an opinion on whether I over or under paid, welcome that feedback.
4) Where is the best place to get the .22 magazine for this to match the original one?
5) Did a lot of people order or buy these with both the .22 and .45 slides?
6) This says the wood case below is "custom made" -- did it or the detent rod come new with the gun?

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