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And actual SING SING PRISON Wardens Record Card (rap sheet) January 1944
Stole GUN, War Bonds and Money. I think I qualify to post in the Lounge because it was a COLT gun!
How do I know that? I think the Butts gang (see rap sheet) would only go after a Colt.
The only gun to steal if the penalty is going "up the river" to SING SING!
And besides the ring leader Tommy Lonardo was a high paid ($175 a week) AMMUNITION LOADER on the docks between hold-ups.

So GUNS and AMMO are discussed on the "Rap Sheet" And I collect U.S. WAR BONDS with my militaria collections.
He was paroled Dec 1948 barely 4 years for a hold-up involving guns and U.S. Treasury Securities (War Bonds).
Maybe he went back doing essential war work, loading ammo. $175 a week was a lot of money compared to being a plumber $45 a week!

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Oh those wily Italians back in the day. Notice how this fella wasn't a first timer. Think at $175 a week, a princely sum back then, he'd be on the up and up. Made man? Who can tell. He was a well dressed thief.
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