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I've got an opportunity to purchase something that does'nt come up often, so I'm going to throw caution to the wind, open the purse strings and of course not tell the wife.
I have a choice of three:
1: Ser. no. 154xxx chambered in 32 WCF
2: Ser. no. 133xxx in 45 Colt
3: Ser. no. 54xxx in 45 Colt
All are 7 1/2" and in G condition.
Any thoughts on what I should be looking out for, preference to any particular one and price would be a great help.

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154XXX was made in 1894.
133XXX was made in 1990.
54XXX was made in 1880.

There were 29,812 32.20 WCF's made.
There were 150,683 .45 Colt's made.

From the standpoint of rarity, the .32 WCF is a better choice.

I am NO expert on Colt Single Action pricing, and for these early revolvers, you NEED an expert.

With that said, here's some ball park values. These prices are JUST guesses.

The 1890 and 1894 versions in NRA 50%: $7000. With the .32 WCF possibly worth more.

The 1880 in 50%: $11,000.
Again, it takes a REAL SAA expert to price these pre-1896 Colt's.

What to look out for:
Signs of re-barreling or re-cylindering.
Non-matching parts or replaced grips.
Signs of alteration, abuse, or damage.
Signs someone has "cleaned up" the gun, by polishing parts, removing original finish, applying cold blue, etc.

For these antiques, a Colt Historical Letter would be VERY well worth the price.
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