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Slide Marked "MODEL OF 1911 U. S. ARMY" - Seeking Information For Friend

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I recently acquired a couple of 1970s era Colt double action revolvers from a machinist/gun-builder in Avon Ohio, Charles Jones. Charles is in the process of selling an interesting collection of Colts for an estate and came across this "1911" slide and barrel and asked me if I knew anything about it. I am unable to help him, but when I saw the photos I thought I would seek information for him here. He is planning to put it on Gun Broker.

Any information about these parts will be appreciated. Charles is a good guy and someone I am eager to help out, if I can.

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As noted on the slide, it came from a Model 1911 Colt, probably manufactured in the mid 1914 to mid/late 1917 time frame. Has been polished and blued at some point after it left the military.

Barrel is WWII period or later.
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Thank you JohnnyP, I will pass this along.
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