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So what's the best deal...

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So what\'s the best deal...

You ever missed out on? I know we all have a story about the best deal that "got away" for one reason or another. Mine has to do with a 4" bbl blued Diamondback .38 that I saw at a shop a few months ago on consignment for $349! It was beautiful. Had I known then what I know now (that was before I was a "Colt connoseur"), I'd have found a way to come up with the money. It's rare to see a Diamondback for less than $500 anymore. I saw one in .22 w/a 6" bbl yesterday that I'd love to have. Too bad it's $695!

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Re: So what\'s the best deal...

its much easier to let them bring them to you.. put an add in the shopper saying buying colt revolers and automatics, estates etc.. buy anything in good condition and sell and trade at gun shows.. youl have what you want in a matter of time.. the key is patience, and make it a buisiness, buisinees cards, register your name and whatever yhou need to deduct your newfound expneses from your regualar buisiness income.. keep the good ones untill your over 65 and sell them after youve closed the buisiness a few a year when income and tax is minimal.. good luck dave.. (remember condition is everything.. ))
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