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I don't see it as being unusual having some relatively inexperienced folks handling the phones or dealing with the public. It happens in business all the time and is one way to get inexperienced folks up to speed more quickly. You just hope they don't make to many mistakes in the process!
I can relate. My first day on the job as a teller many, many years ago, I was transacting business face-to-face with customers by 10 a.m. that first day with a drawer full of cash! Someone was watching me but I'm sure I made some mistakes.
In the Army in basic training, I learned about grenades in the morning and was throwing live grenades in the afternoon! Unfortunately I made a mistake on my first toss of a live one. I neglected to "duck" at which point the DI slammed me to the ground and kicked me off the range afterwards. I goofed up but I learned my lesson without killing myself!

No disrespect to any of you guys (including myself who has received archival letters), but starting the "new guy" out in the archival section is probably considered an easy and harmless way to start training some of their folks.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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