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The wife and I enjoy collecting old pieces of furniture to put in our 188 year old farmhouse here in Ohio.
When I came across this old box in an antique store in Illinois 10 years ago, I thought it would make a nice decorative piece for the house as well as a nice box to store the Colt pistol that has been in our family since 1918.
I assume the box was probably made by a self taught cabinet/furniture maker more than 100 years ago based on its style of construction. The wood I think is poplar.

I've done a lot of research on this pistol and I wanted to have some way to store the pistol with the paperwork related to the pistol. This box was large enough ( 7 inches high x 11 inches deep x 16 inches wide) to contain the pistol, original holster, paperwork and other items shown.

What I had done:

I had a local locksmith cut a key for the lock and now that works;

I also had a local woodworker build the tray and top tray display area for me. Gun stuff up top, remove the tray and all the paperwork in the bottom.

I thought it turned out really well.

p.s. for those that noticed, I did take the original grips off and have modern repro's on the pistol right now as I occasionally shoot the pistol. Didn't want to bust up the originals!

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