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some pics of my .45 NF

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Here are a couple pics of my 3rd gen .45 New Frontier. This one has been to Bowen for a full workover including getting the cylinder replaced with a .357 cylinder that has been reamed to minimum .45 specs. Also had him send it to Paul Persinger for a set of ivories while it was there and also had the hammer CCH to match the frame. This is one that I am thinking about selling .

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Sweet!!! They look so much better with a case colored hammer and I'll bet that one's a fine shooter!
Thanks, I have always liked the look of the CCH hammer and BP chamfer cylinder on these Colts better than just being plain. It is VERY accurate, I have only shot probably 100rds thru it since I got it back, it basically just makes one tatered hole for groups.
The only place that had them in stock was Peacemaker Specialties, Eddie Janis. I did two guns at the same time (the NF pictured above and one SAA) and used a .357 for this one and a 38/40 for the other, both were used for .45 chambered cylinders, looking back, I should have used either 38/40 or 44/40 for both guns as they were cheaper than the .357 cyl and accomplish the exact same and learn.
WHAT ARE YOU ASKING for this Bowenized NEW FRONTIER 45 ?
WHAT ARE YOU ASKING for this Bowenized NEW FRONTIER 45 ?
WIL- I am asking $3000 OBO for the gun.
That gun is just about the way I would have one built.
I'm surprised a .38 or .44WCF chamber would clean up with a .45Colt reamer.
I had a s&w HD (38 special) conerted to .44 special, no problem. I had found a model 21 barrel (.44 special) and shopped for a cheap HD. Works fine. Of course it was a lot cheaper to play around doing that 35 years ago. I also own a 3rd gen .45 colt sa. I took it out and shot it against a s&w 25-5 I own. Same ammo was bulged and stuck in the colt and would easily fall out of the smith! I sent the gun back to colt with the complaint and also requested that if I got a new clyinder could I have one with the removable bushing. Well they did send it back with a new clyinde with the new bushingr with the serial # same as the gun and also sent back the original clyinder. However I cant really tell any differance in the bore size. I dont have a mike. The good news is they didnt charge me a dime.

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