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I've had a lot of work done by Vic Perez in Burbank, CA. Vic learned his craft working for Andy Anderson and does superb leatherwork. Some of the stuff he's done for me is one-of-a-kind, including left-handed copies of German military holsters and lots of leather used by me during my time as an LAPD cop. Here's some examples:

Left-Handed flap holster for a Parabellum Luger

Cross draw (LH) for an SAA

Really neat copy of a WWII German Larson for a Walther PP

Off-duty rig for a Browning Hi Power; can be used cross-draw or strong-side

My battered old IWB clip holster that Vic made for me when I was a probationary Policeman, 28 years ago. Still in use.

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