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Now that parts and ammo are starting to show up again would be a good time for me to get a spare bolt for my Colt LE6920.
I bought the gun used, and estimate it has approximately 2,000 to 2.500 rounds.
But, I'd like to get a spare before the parts get scarce again.

I know that actual Colt parts are hard to find, and will accept one of similar quality.

Do I really need a complete Bolt Carrier Group, or just the bolt?
Can anyone recommend a good brand and source to order from?

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I replace all my ar bolts with jp and use the stock ones as backup. It is probably unecessary, blah, blah, but just the way I am. You would have to shoot a lot to wear out that carrier, but if you find a good enough deal on one why not. I have about 30 ar's and 10 extra bcg's and the stock bolts from all of them since I replaced it them with the jp. YMMV

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You can buy factory new genuine Colt bolts from Brownell's. These are the "real deal" military spec magnetic particle inspected and micro shot peened.

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Assembly (All Models) | World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS

Usually, it's extremely rare for an actual carrier to fail, so many people just buy a new carrier key, two Allen bolts for the key, a new cam pin, and the firing pin and retainer.
Again, Brownell's sell these, and the complete bolt carrier.

Key & Bolt Carrier, A2 | Brownells

Word from the big shooting schools is, when an AR bolt group fails, it's either quickly fixed by installing a new bolt, or the key on the carrier fails because someone failed to install and stake the bolts correctly. When the key comes loose you usually see damage to the gas tube and often the receiver.

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Other places to look for new usually take-off Colt auto bolt carrier groups are on large gun boards like,, also other classified sites like,,, and

My go to place, but usually at higher prices, is Specialized Armament Warehouse (AZ) which is my last resort for genuine Colt parts.

Currently I see the prices of Colt auto bolt carrier groups around $200+ up to $250, they were very high during the last panic buying craze usually from $300 to over $500.

A couple of years ago the Colt factory was selling new surplus at the Colt site for only $189, the last Colt auto bolt carrier group that I bought was eight years ago from a police Colt dealer (which is out of business now) for $170 shipped price.

Other comparable companies that my friends and guys I know use and are satisfied with are:

BCM (Bravo Company Mfg)
AR Performance
Daniel Defense
LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool Company)
Rainier Arms ThunderBolt
PSA Premium (Palmetto State Armory - get their premium grade not the standard grade)
Spike's Tactical
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