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Spotted elsewhere.....

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Was driving through Gatesville Texas yesterday and pulled into a place called Guns Unlimited. Figured someone here might be interested in a NIB USFA Sheriff model, for $699. It was the USFA high end pre war finish, very nice. I would have grabbed it but Sheriff models are not my thing. I would say that is about half the going price.
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Much appreciated sir, she is paid in full and will ship in the am!

Marc, post a pic when you get it. I'd love to see it
I'm not exactly known for my indecisiveness!
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I knew it would be appreciated by someone here....My wife and I were ranch shopping in the hill country, the only authorized unofficial stops are gun stores. Saw quite a few, this is another piece of God's country here. You really got to be going to Gatesville to get there though!
USFA SAA's are 'sleepers' to gun owners who do not keep up with the latest news. I have bought three in the past three months at bargain prices.
skwcoltguy, that was nice of you to post your finding. I am glad Marc got the deal.
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Well I finally got around to taking a few Photos of the Sheriff that Skwcoltguy go graciously pointed me in the direction of. Here are a few glam shots for your enjoyment and I have a question for you Skw..How do I tell the difference between a Prewar finish and a firearm that was ordered with a Case hardened frame for $150 additional? The Label shows CC/DB which means Dome Blue yet you called it Prewar which would be Carbona?? Thanks in advance.


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