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Springfield NRA Museum

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Yesterday my dad and I had to make a run out to Springfield and we stopped into the new NRA museum at the Bass Pro. I know it's tiny in comparison to the one in Fairfax but the stuff they had in there was amazing. I didn't have my camera so there are no pics. :(

There were an entire rack of Government Models/1911s, Winchesters, original trade muskets, all manner of Civil War era firearms (including a full compliment of shoulder-stocked Colts), Texas Ranger sidearms, Springfields, a white Nylon 66, one of Marshal Dillon's early Colts, William Holden's Colt from The Wild Bunch, Tom Selleck's Sharps from Quigley, one of Josey Wales' Walkers and what I think was an original one as well, one of Ike's doubles and several of Teddy Roosevelt's guns, including a non-catalogued .38LC S&W Number 3 Target.

It was well worth the stop.
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