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Stag grips for Colts

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Howdy all, this is the Executioner, I am new to the Colt forum, did not know it was here. I have been building Stag grips for 10 years now. Mainly single action grips, 2 years ago I started making S&W stags, now I would like to start on Colt models. I could use your advise on which models to start with, of course buying guns for grip fitting is a slow and costly chore so I must choose wisely. I thought a Python might be the most popular, but would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks all for your help. Executioner aka Patrick [email protected]
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Welcome to the forum.

Since the Python is still made and is the one most often custom grips are made for, I'd go with it.

The same frame size was also used for every mid-frame Colt revolver made from the early 1900's to 1969 and for the current Python.
The same grip can be used for a good number of guns including the original Trooper, 357, Officer's Models, etc.

To use as a "master" it's not necessary to buy an expensive Python.
A used Official Police will work just as well, and at a MUCH reduced price.

One "watch out"....Colt revolver grip frames fluctuate in size more than any other maker.
This is due to Colt's more extensive polishing.
The differences aren't major, but it's difficult to make a very closely fitted grip without using the customers gun.

If you make SAA grips you'll have already seen that there are small variations in grip frames that make final hand-fitting necessary for a "perfect" fit, and the Colt double actions have the same constraint.

You can get a close fit, and a grip for a current Python will fit fairly close on a 1908 Army Special, and vise versa.

If I had to pick a good second revolver to make grips for, I'd go with the post-1960's Colt "D" frame with the "stubby" grip frame.
Guns in this size are the Detective Special, Cobra, Diamondback, and are probably the second most popular Colt's around today.
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Now that is really helpful information, thank you very much. That is exactly what I needed. Your Pard. X
A third choice would be the MkIII models. They also won't require much out of pocket money for you as the guns aren't very expensive. People have always complained of not having much of a choice in aftermarket stocks for those revolvers (mainly the Trooper MkIII) even though they are quite popular.
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