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Hi Colt owners. Got some sad news today about my 2020 Pyhton from september last year. 400 rounds shot, no issues, and great revolver. Then the trigger started sticking. Reset done either by gently pushing on the hammer or wiggle the cylinder, to lock and reset. Dealer in Sweden have no luck in reaching Colt (after 2 months).
The trigger is going to far back, and then "overclock" the cylinder lock. They now come to the conclusion it can only be solved by a stronger trigger spring or by designing a trigger stop. Nothing like that is available (without a custom job from a smith) and would of course revoke warrenty. Hence neither the dealer or I are very enthusiastic to do the "fix".
So my question, anyone with the same issue? Got any help from Colt, if, so do you know what they did?
I am offered to return the gun and get att full refund, form the dealer. But it in it self is bad news.
Licens process is 4 months. (Thats after I have proved 92% accuracy, took me 6 months, do not be to hard on me ;-), and after that proving active competition an additional 6 month. Ok, Sweden is not a priority market for Colt or any other american manufacturer, I do understand why, it is a very small market, next delivery could be 12 months away... if it will come at all...

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Welcome from the land of evil spirits!
"I" would call or email Colt's customer service. They may have someone in Sverige who can do their repairs upon their authorization.

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I'm sure they HAVE email addresses, but they don't publish them.
My suggestion is to write them a letter and ask about European service options.

Sorry that I don't know enough about the new Python action to be of much help but I'll offer this......

Make sure there's no trapped fouling or lack of lubrication in the action.
A tiny bit of grit or lack of lube in a trigger pin hole can bind up the action.

A bent trigger pin or a galled pin can cause this.

The Colt action should have some method of limiting over-travel of the action. In the older Mark III and later series this was a tiny Allen screw in the underside of the trigger.
Whatever is used may be out of adjustment.

A last resort would be to re-form the lower leg of the mainspring to put more tension on the trigger return function, but in all probability this would be masking the real problem and would likely reappear later.
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