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Thought I’d post a few shots of some custom stock work in process. The trio of OMTs (22, 32, 38) have Roper Target stocks that Dee at Herrett’s duplicated from an original set of Roper Targets that I have. I scored the wood from Scott Wineland ( and once I figure out the checkering layout I’ll ship them off to Sherry Abraham ( The standard Roper style on the K-22 will probably stay un-checkered, but I will most likely have the stocks on the 52-2 done later.

I think the stocks came out pretty well. I’ll post final shots when the checkering work is completed. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve posted some of the “other brand” products but I admit to being a “cross shooter”. I’ll have to continue to work on the photo quality, with folks like Michael Stern posting his fine work I’ve got a long way to go! In fact, the OMT 22 and 38 are the result of Michael’s “catch and release” program.

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