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Strange Nickel SSA SN 32959 - any help?

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Hello — I’m new to the forum. I received a pair of guns from my wife’s Grandfather that he got as a settlement of debt sometime in the 1930/40s. That’s all I know about the history. One is a Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine and one is a nickel plated Colt Single Action Army — or purports to be. I think the Colt has problems and I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me sort them out. There are several numbers in various places and none of them match. On the frame just forward of the trigger guard are the letters LD above a number 32959. With the trigger guard removed, there are two numbers just behind these and covered by the guard. They are 62 on one side of the screw hole and 45 on the other. On the trigger guard itself, visible when in stalled just below the forward screw hole is 378. On the left side of the trigger guard, just above and behind the trigger is a dash and the number 8. On the side of the frame just to the rear of the patent numbers are the letters U S. On the bottom of the back strap below the screw hole is the number 786. On the inside of the loading gate is the number 925. The top of the barrel is marked with a dash and then COLT’S PT. F. A. MFG. Co. (the “o” is underlined and superscripted) HARTFORD. The stock is walnut and one piece and it fits nicely along the top or the backstrap, but the bottom corners are well inside the metal. I have photos but I can’t figure out how to upload them. Happy to provide them to anyone interested.
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A VERY rough guess without pics, a refinished artillery model SAA. Or, a parts gun. pics would really help.
Welcome to the Colt Forum! I agree with what Rick posted. We need to see pictures if you can't get them posted, send the pictures by email to another forum member and they will post them for you. I would like to also hear more about the Winchester 1894 SRC. Post that information in the Lounge section of this forum.
Thanks. It keeps telling me invalid format or some such thing. Happy to send pics to you for posting. You can email me [email protected] and I will reply with photos. Appreciate the help.
Photos of Subject Revolver

Here are some photos of the gun in question.
Another Photo

Here's another photo of subject gun.
A VERY rough guess without pics, a refinished artillery model SAA. Or, a parts gun.
I agree with Rick, it appears to be an "Artillery" model that has been nickel plated. The front sight, visible in photo 2, indicates the barrel has been shortened to the Artillery length.

Rusty Edwards
Photos of the Overall Revolver

Here are two photos showing the overall gun.
It is an interesting old artillery that has been plated at some point in its history. The low SN's on the TG and BS are very unusual although the BS SN seems to have been redone or over stamped. I like it!
The script on top of the barrel shows that it was made in 1874. I asked the owner (via email) to post the serial number here, if he can read it.
Thank you all very much. I will look for the serial number that Ruster asked about. I did speak with my Father-in-law this morning and he confirms that his father got the gun in the late 40s/early 50s and gave it to him in the 50s. He remembers shooting the gun in the 50s but it has been in a box since then. In addition to the backstrap screws below the hammer missing (looks like he found a screw to hold it together but it’s not the correct one and one is missing entirely), the action is rounded off on the “steps” in the hammer for two of the positions. I am trying to learn enough about the gun to decide whether to have a quality smith get in correct condition. I appreciate you all very much — I am a double gun shotgun fellow and have no experience with an old colt like this, but it is fascinating to learn more.

The underside of the barrel near the base is marked 107 or maybe 907. Difficult to tell.
If anyone here has recommendations for a quality Smith to get the gun back in correct condition I would appreciate it. Thanks again for all the kindness. Matt
Jim Martin of this forum is the man I would send it to....truly an honest expert...tony
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FYI: I have 32871 L.D cavalry model, original length barrel.

JMO but I'd get the mechanics working properly and leave the rest alone.
Hello - I can’t send Jim a dm because I don’t have enough posts. Jim, if you see this, please dm me so I can contact you about working on the action of this gun. Again, many thanks.

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