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Stylized "C"

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Which years was the stylized "C" around the Rampant Colt used on the side plate? I picked up a 1913 PP 38 yesterday and it got me wondering. I have older and newer without the "C".
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Not on the side plate, but this one dates to 1912. Also have a Model 1909 shipped in 1909 with the stylized C.

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I just bought my first Colt about a month ago. It is a Police Positive in .32 Colt New Police and it has the Stylised "C" and the serial number dates it to 1910.

I'm can't answer for sure (Oyeboten's assertion matches my observations) but it's my favorite style. The above lifted from the photo below.

Which is the logo as it appears on this New Service Model 1909.

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