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Success. Repair Worked.THANKS to all Forum Member Advise

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I posted previous concerning my Bisley missing click problem (see below). After much input from forum needed to repair the hammer. Sent to Dave Lanara at Peacemakers Depot for $100 reweld and put revolver back together and presto everything works great. Here are pictures of hammer before(left) and after(right). Snout Close-up Macro photography
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Dave treated me very well on a 1st Gen hammer repair recently. Upstanding fellow.
I have quite a few old broken notch hammers I will have to send to Dave. Thanks for showing the work he did.
Good to know. I have one that I might need to send out. A first generation, nickel with pears. It's at a local smith right now. If he can't do it (he's got a half dozen hammers and triggers to try natching).
Thanks for sharing. That seems like a very reasonable price for rebuilding a hammer.
Glad it's working for you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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