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Sucess in my hunt for an OMM!

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So I just got back from my "meet" at the gun shop at the CT/Mass border
and here is my Officers Model Match .22 made in 1968, the same year I graduated from College!!
Complete with original box, papers and test target. I'd say its 98%++. Appears to have been shot very, very little.

$800 out the door under my C & R.
I love it--you??


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Looks very nice! Earlier this year, I was looking for a .22LR OMM but found one in .22 Mag instead.

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The Colt Officers Model Match is a really superior target revolver, whether in .22lr or .38 Special. The fit and finish is outstanding. The accuracy is better than most shooters can manage. They are a bit heavy for every day carry. I would enjoy examining and shooting a .22 WMR OMM, but have yet to have that opportunity. The stocks on the pictured revolver are really nice, but the earlier OMMs had the silver medallion, full checkered stocks, my very favorite Colt stocks.

Thanks, gentlemen, for showing us a couple really superior revolvers, built in the days of hand fitted parts, high quality polishing and bluing, and hand made (not laser cut) stocks.

The pricing on these great revolvers seems to do nothing but increase. $800, for that high condition OMM is a terrific deal.
rhloew, that is a wonderful Colt that no doubt was owned by someone that was proud of it, and took great care of it. I wonder if you got it from the original owner?

Congratulations and the best of luck to you and your new OMM!
I really like the OMM's. They are typically very accurate. I especially like the 22's. They are at the top of the heap for .22 revolvers.

I clicked on the second pic to enlarge it. Is it missing the "Vp" stamp right above the trigger guard on the left side? I have never seen one without the Vp stamp. If it isn't there, that would be unusual.
Very nice piece. I really like the original stocks. I hadn't heard about the OMM until tonight. Thanks for sharing!
Very nice! I passed on a very nice 1955 22 OMM with box and papers for 800 this past weekend because it didn't have the original grips. I'm starting to think I may have made a mistake.
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