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Hey guys, any idea on how to establish value for this? I have a "Colt Automatic Pistol Super.38 Match" box that came with a lot I picked up. No visible serial # on bottom. Top and side have some separation between the black outer layer and inner cardboard, but otherwise intact.

I haven't found a way to price this. I cant seem to find any info/reference to a box like this, except that "not even Sheldon has a pic of one". I've been told it's rare, but never what it's worth, although I recently moved it from the basement cabinet and into the safe.



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I am certainly no authority here, but I believe the only difference between the standard Super .38 box and the Super Match box is the label on the end of the lid that says "Match". Looking at Sheldon's book (Colt's Super .38 The Production History), I think you have what he calls a Style I box with printed information inside that was used from about 1931 to about 1947.
I have bought and sold many boxes over the years and I would guess that this box would bring $500 to $1000 on eBay. It's hard to say exactly because of the condition but these are quite scarce. As a reference point, I sold a nice pre-WWII Ace box for $900 on eBay a few years ago.

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