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Texas hardware store Government Model holster

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Here's a very nice example of an early 1900's holster for the Colt Government Model .45 pistol. Stamped MORROW-THOMAS HDWE. CO AMARILLO,TEXAS. as shown on the rear. It is a left hand holster, in excellent condition, made of medium weight leather with border tooling and basket weave finish. A cut or several above most hardware store type holsters from that time period. The Morrow-Thomas Co. was in business throughout the early to mid 1900's-I found references from about 1900 up to the 1960's. I would date this holster to the first half of the twentieth century with 1920's or '30's being my guess. I found reference to a c. 1910 catalog in the Smithsonian collection and I'm confident there's a forum member or 2 who might have shopped there. Enjoy the photos.Regards, turnerriver
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John. With you vast knowledge you really should write a book on holsters and there makers. If and when you do put me on the list for a copy.
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What an elegant Holster!

It'd be fun to see some Catalogues from that Hardware concern, to see what other Holsters they were offering back when.

If one were persistent enough, one could probably find one on ebay ( 19-teens or 1920s Catalogues from that Company ).
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