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If you are interested in the Texas Rangers, I recco the book Savage Frontier, Vol I, 1835-1837, by Stephen L. Moore. One of 3 vols well furnished with source info & hundreds of individuals active during the period.

I kinda backed into it when I was researching my GGG-Father Joel W. Robison. My G-Father often talked about Grandpa Robison teaching him to shoot, Robison's esperience with Santa Ana after the battle of San Jacinto. Never before had I heard that Robison had been in the Rangers. To confirm or clear my doubt I inquired of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in Waco, TX. They confirmed his being a Ranger and referred me to the book for more detail. There are five separate reference to his and five for his father's activities during the period of the book. I since found a lot more by internet search that has accumulated since I got involved several years ago.

Not generally known is that the Rangers existed before Texas became independent of Mexico. In the book are accounts, in which Robison is mentioned, of Rangers vs. Comanches in 1835. Texas forces under Sam Houston defeated the Mexican army in April, 1836 & Texas became a separate nation. Robison is acknowledged as one of the captors of Santa Ana after the battle, he being the only one who spoke Spanish, allowed Santa Ana the ride double with him on his horse back to where he was delivered to Sam Houston. After the war Sam Houston appointed Robison a lieutenant in the Texas Rangers.

This is of a painting maybe 20 feet wide in the Texas State Capitol of Santa Ana surrender to Sam Houston, suffering a leg bullet wound. Joel Robison is #18.

Today's thread by Texas Man about use of the Paterson in the Colt Percussion Revolvers section is a good read. It prompted me to do this.

By virtue of being a descendant of Joel Robison, I qualified as a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.

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Thanks so much for posting this Bob, very cool stuff! Before retirement I worked for a company located in Waco. On my frequent visits I tried not to miss an opportunity to go to the Hall of Fame. Terrific displays and fine, knowledgeable people there who are eager to educate and answer questions.
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