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Well I thought I'd read somewhere that Thad had retired (or at least was about to). Decided to take a chance and mailed him a SASE, requesting ordering info (Thad has always done business by mail, no internet and no phone orders). Took awhile to get a response back (maybe 2 months?), but my SASE came back with a one page order sheet for the Rhodesian and mag carrier which is what I was after. I sent off an order the next day with a USPS money order. About 5 weeks later (I expected it to take much longer), I had a box on the porch with a new left handed Rhodesian holster and mag pouch, each with his initials and "21" carved into the back. Really thrilled to have gotten this great work from one of the masters and legends of combat leathercraft!

I bought a Speed Scabbard from him years ago for my SAA, meant to order one of these but just didn't get it done.

He no longer does holsters in black (I read that somewhere), offers rough out or smooth out in natural. Thinking I may now order this same in rough out too.
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