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After popping the sideplate, and hosing down with Crud Cutter the Anaconda is awesome! Never owned or even shot one, but I can't wait.

Yeah, the python is a gorgeous 8" blued gun. The barrel is marked "Python Target", and it's marked ".38 Special". Don't think they made too many; but it's probably not worth near what I paid. Oh well, it's still a very sweet revolver.

Since this was my first post, I'll just add that I also have a 6" blued Python that I bought new about 8-10 years ago that I LOVE, and a third gen Single Action Army from about 8-10 years ago as well in .44 Special. This one is a 4 3/4", w/extra cylinder in .44-40, and is marked "Colt Frontier Six Shooter" on the barrel. It's got the "black powder frame", with the screw (as opposed to the spring-loaded) retention method for the base pin, and scalloped leading cylinder edge.

Oh, and the best for last: It's had Bob Munden's "deluxe action job" done on it! This may be my favorite firearm of all (among about 60)!

Thanks for making me feel welcome.
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