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The Book of Colt Firearms

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I just joined this Forum a few days ago, but I notice that many comments reference "The Book of Colt Firearms" By Wilson. I have the original version of that book (with blue jacket)
which lists the authors (note plural) as Sutherland and Wilson. As a trained scientist who has written many peer reviewed technical papers, I know that one should always refer to the
original seminal publication as opposed to later editions unless the later editions contain specific new information not in the original.
I understand that Sutherland has passed away, but I suspect much of the original research in the original edition was done by him. I hope people in this Forum will not let the record
of his accomplishments be lost.
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In my opinion, Larry Wilson's talent is not in writing, but editing. If you read his other collaborations with other authors, the writing style varies from book to book.
As for the 3rd Edition of the Book of Colt Firearms, I feel that it is not worth the money - even at discount. There is almost no new information in it, and the illustrations seem to be printed from worn out printing plates. In addition, he never corrected the information about the serial numbers for the M1862 Pocket Police and the Pocket Navy models. He has nothing about the fact that the Pocket Navy has a separate serial number range and that none were produced before 1865....a major omission, considering this new information was published by others a few years before Larry issued his "3rd Edition".
As for his reprehensible dealings with Colt Collectors, I feel he has earned an old fashioned title of "He whose name is not mentioned amongst gentlemen".
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