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The Book of Colt Firearms

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I just joined this Forum a few days ago, but I notice that many comments reference "The Book of Colt Firearms" By Wilson. I have the original version of that book (with blue jacket)
which lists the authors (note plural) as Sutherland and Wilson. As a trained scientist who has written many peer reviewed technical papers, I know that one should always refer to the
original seminal publication as opposed to later editions unless the later editions contain specific new information not in the original.
I understand that Sutherland has passed away, but I suspect much of the original research in the original edition was done by him. I hope people in this Forum will not let the record
of his accomplishments be lost.
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In my opinion, Larry Wilson's talent is not in writing, but editing.
I have to agree with this. Although Wilson's books are a great read - I have most of them - I feel that he does not particularly do any new research but merely gathers information from previously published works and edits it into a new book. Hence the mistakes, that could and should be corrected.
With regard to his two-volume work on engraved guns, I was led to believe that if you had a pistol that was worthy of inclusion you could pay him to have it in the book!

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