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The Fixed Sights of the Mark 3 Official Police, the "best" ever in cop .38's!

Over a long period of time I have collected most of the .38/.357 Revolvers ever used in law enforcement. Colt, S&W, Ruger, Dan Wesson, and Taurus. From fixed sights, my favorite, to adjustable sights primarily in four-inch and six-inch barrel lengths. A couple of 5-inch sixguns, both S&W, and most in blue steel. The fixed sights of various .38 and .357 revolvers was always an interest to me. The 1/8th inch thick ramped and grooved front sight with a deep channel in the topstrap was always my favorite as far as law enforcement was concerned. The fixed sights of the Mark 3 Official Police seemed to be the "best" for me, with one exception, in getting on or acquiring a target picture quickly. The design of the MK III OP's front sight was a ramped and grooved front sight upon a small platform provided one excellent sight for getting on and staying on a moving target. Excellent for plain old fashion single-action fire that is no longer done in law enforcement firearms training. With my Mark 3 OP buried deep within a pistol perch I can thumb-cock that Target Hammer back for some accurate and close grouping on a target, and thats with a fixed sight .38 six-shooter. The 1:14" barrel twist of my Colt doesn't hurt either. The one exception, I mentioned earlier, is this fixed sight .357 from the same time period as the MK III OP's were and that is the 1-year production only (1971) Dan Wesson Model 11. That first production model of Dan Wesson was called the Model 11 and I have a four inch model that shoots cloverleaf patterns from the pistol perch. That very high post front sight and dovetail rear sights of the Model 11 , in my modest opinion, is the "best" of the "best" and has proven, to me, to be one of the most accurate of medium frame four-inch revolvers ever! My tried and true Mark 3 OP has managed to place a close second in precise single-action fire against the DW Model 11. The very short hammer drop of the Model 11, coupled with the clockwise cylinder rotation, has enabled me to shoot some very high scores with this Buck Rogers Space Gun-looking sixgun. The DW Model 11, chambered in .38 Special, blue steel, and a "fixed-four-inch-barrel" was an "approved-for-duty" NYPD sixgun. Still is on the approved list along with my "beloved" Official Police and Metropolitan, even though it is doubtful any more of these Colts, including the Model 11 are out there on the streets of NYC riding in a cop's duty holster. I didn't mean to drift off here but I wanted to share my experience with my very used Mark 3 OP and the Dan Wesson Model 11's fixed sights and inherrent shooting qualities.The fixed sights and target hammer of my MK III OP can really help me in getting close groups on a paper target from single-action fire, not that the single-action fire-feature is authorized in law Enforcement applications anymore. I love the profile of both model Official Police .38's, the post war Official Police of the late 50's up to 1968, and the MK III Official Police. Heck fire, they look like cop .38's with the blue steel finish, four-inch barrels with exposed ejector rod that has NEVER got in my way in 40+years of packing one as my duty service revolver. I better end here before my friends at this fine forum start throwing things at me. Thanks my friends, once again, so very much!
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