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In `88 or `89, I traded my BUG, which I had carried for 20 years. The gun, a Colt Cobra with Mustang grips/ stocks, , went out of time and no local `smith would attempt to fix it. A call to Colt, which was in deep trouble in those days, indicated that it could not be repaired. The attitude I got on the phone was not very cordial, so I used it as a trade for a new gun.

Twice, that Cobra showed up in the used gun display of the dealer who bought it. Twice, I tried to buy the grips/stocks, but not the gun. The dealer refused, even when I offered to buy a set of rubber grips from him and put them on the gun. The last time I saw the gun was in the early `90's at the same dealer. I should have bought it then but didn't.

In `98 or `99, I bought the first Colt Magnum Carry that I saw. I installed a Colt hammer shroud and put on a set of Badger wood grips but I always wanted another set of Mustangs.

Every time I was in a gun store or at a gun show, I looked for Mustangs. I found a few, but never found a set that would fit my gun.
One day, while reading this forum, I saw a post about Mustangs. the JUDGE had a few sets. After a few e-mails, I ordered them.

Today, my replacement Mustangs arrived, thanks to the Judge, my Magnum Carry, now feels like my old Cobra. I'll have to do a little inletting because of the shroud, but they do fit the gun.

I can't wait to try them at the range.

Dealing with the JUDGE was great. He offered a return, if they didn't fit. They won't be returned.

Now that I've found them I guess I'll not have to go to any more gun shows......You do believe me, don't you?

Judge: Thank you very much,

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