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I am 28 and I have yet to acquire a true Colt SAA. I have loved them for quite some time now and I have the cimarron clone of course. More affordable gun to buy without breaking the bank at this point in time. I started my own business and hope to be engaged this week, and I have quite a few 1911's and other guns. In retrospect, I probably could've purchased a true Colt SAA long ago, but other things caught my attention.

Anyway, I was looking at getting a 175th anniversary Nickel 4 3/4 in .45 Colt. Unfortunately I couldn't swing it. At the time I was looking, the MSRP was around 1200 ish. Today if you check the cataloge, a new SAA is currently MSRP of 1450ish? With the advent of cowboy action shooting (which i hope to get involved with next year), I think not only will SAA's stay rather prevalent, but you may also see a lot more vintage ones being fired. I scour gun broker almost daily for 2nd Gens as that is the model I would personally prefer as my first Colt. However, truth be told, I told the miss that my wedding present to myself will be a couple of matched Colts that I will have work done to through my life, such as engraving etc. Anyway, I know this is long winded and all, but the minute I can afford a SAA, I will be picking one up because I only see value to climb. I don't particularly think any gun I ever own will appreciate in value in my lifetime to some of the really high end rare ones.
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