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In another post, the author stated he was in his 30's and he knew of no one else who was into Colt SAA's near to his age. So, if you collect or like SAA's, reply with what your age is. Also, give your thoughts as to what you think the future holds for the SAA hobby, especially since the gun show crowd seems to have a lot of grey hair.

I am 43, and enjoy trying to find a nice SAA with at least some condition at an affordable price. Increasingly difficult to do, as any SAA with at least some finish is pushing 4 grand. 4 grand is a stretch for me these days... Of course, you can find SAA's in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, but these ones tend to be heavily used or even abused.

What do I think the future holds? It seems like simple supply and demand may mean that the demand may diminish, as older collectors sell collections or their heirs disburse of them. It means that the values may go down. Might be a good buying opportunity?

Conversely, there are advertisements for auctions, in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal, by none other than Rock Island Auction Company. Sort of suggesting that high quality firearms are investments, in an attempt to appeal to those with money. Seems sort of a hard sell, as those who are into stocks and computers tend to live in an urban area, and these areas tend to be anti-gun.

So, your age, and thoughts as to the future...
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