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Conversely, there are advertisements for auctions, in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal, by none other than Rock Island Auction Company. Sort of suggesting that high quality firearms are investments, in an attempt to appeal to those with money. Seems sort of a hard sell, as those who are into stocks and computers tend to live in an urban area, and these areas tend to be anti-gun.
There are plenty of big-money guys who are into antique guns. Whether they are buying them for investment purposes or are genuinely interested in them makes little difference, as they are buying them. Lots of MD's, lawyers, etc. collect old guns, are interested in them beyond "investment purposes", and I think they will continue to buy them in the future. Perhaps if they started to put their money elsewhere prices would start to come down, but I'm not going to complain too much, as I've been blessed with around 25 1st's.

At 39, I assumed for a long time that I was the youngest SAA guy on here. Nobody that I know that is my age is interested in them at all beyond "oh cool, an old Cowboy gun". So, after reading the above, I'm glad I'm not alone and I think this proves that there will be a market for 1st gen SAA's for years to come, even though a piece of me wishes I was the only person my age buying them!
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