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aT 57, I have been collecting colts and winchester's since i went to my first gun show in sydney in 1975,thats when the bug hit me. 38 yrs latter the sa's have dryed up some in oz,but they can still be thing out hear is the law makers seem to be hell bent on closing it all down,and like in one of the above post,the majority are in their 50s. price comes into it also,back in the late 80's and early 90's one could and i did import sa's from the states quiet easily, wait for the shotgun news to arive look through the adds call the US seller discuss the gun over the phone ,pay by a bank check and wait 4 weeks to it arrive. i bought many this way and some with up to 40% finish, and never payed any more then $1500, no those same guns are bringing $3500 and up.and the better one's $5000 plus, so in some ways it starts to thin out the boys from the men.I hope that the interrest will prevail for many years to come, but im afraid hear in australia, what will close it down is not the price and age groop, but the law makers and do gooder's
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